Green Living

Green construction, reuse, and preservation can sound a lot like buzzwords, but at McKissick Associates they are the models that shape our everyday work.  We are committed to the adaptive reuse of the former Central Junior High School in a way that is environmentally sound and relevant to the local community.

What is “adaptive reuse”?

Adaptive reuse means taking an existing structure and giving it new life by repurposing and renovating the spaces as opposed doing demolition of the existing building and beginning new construction.  For this project we will be applying the tenets of adaptive reuse to a large, former junior high school.  In the process we will restore parts of the building to their original 1930s construction and renovate interior spaces to suit new purposes such as:

What is “Green Globes”?

Green Globes is a certification tool that documents the levels of eco-efficiency and environmental design practices put into place with many types of construction.  What it actually means is that we are about the environment, and have updated the Central building in such a way that it improves energy efficiency, use of natural resources, water in both ecologically and economically friendly ways.  This project will include things such as a 5,000 square foot green roof, water-efficient plumbing, sustainable materials, and ecologically friendly building practices.

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